Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On music.

The times are certainly changing. With the fall of the mighty major labels came this crazy miopia borne of desperation. The system had ended and what the fuck do we do now? There is no more "dreaming big" there isn't a "big break" or a singular moment when you know you've "made it". Nowadays, we are faced with this impossible catch-22; you (the listener) want us to impress you. You want to be affected by our words and music. But you don't care. And it's impossible to convince you to listen to us over the 2,000,000,000 other bands of our ilk that have a modicum of presence and/or likeability.

There is no more radio, no more cd, no more big shiny compilations. Songs reduced to the background music to an iPhoto slideshow of Krista and Pete's wedding '08.

Somewhere in this vast ocean of tunes ranging from medicore to genius lies Army Girls, the new brainchild of drummer Andy Smith and guitarist Carmen Elle. We welcome you, we hope you welcome us.

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